Tristan ULT Fresh Tuna


Our Tristan ULT Fresh tuna is truly “fresher than fresh”. This product was specifically designed for those culinary professionals who know and understand the benefits of ULT tuna, but don’t want to deal with the thawing process:

  • 100% all natural, non-GMO tuna
  • All year availability
  • Stable pricing
  • Consistent quality

Tristan ULT Fresh Tuna Loins:

All products are skinless, boneless and bloodline removed

Loins/Chunks YF/BE #1, #2+ 6-9 lbs. Defrosted 1/10 lb. average
Loins/Chunks YF/BE #1, #2+ 9-12 lbs. Defrosted 1/10 lb. average

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