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There’s been a constant challenge for restaurants and retailers in North America:   Finding a reputable supplier of high quality tuna that not only offers consistency, but stable pricing.

Meet Tristan International. A “true” tuna company that removes the guesswork associated with fresh tuna while delivering an exceptional eating experience.

Founded in 2003, Tristan International was incorporated in the United States to promote the sale of Japanese-style ULT (ultra low temperature) frozen tuna to North American markets.

Tristan is one of the only vertically integrated tuna companies in North America. Tristan’s parent, Transmarina, C.A., is a family-owned company located in Manta, Ecuador–right on the edge of the fertile waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Several decades ago, Transmarina learned and invested in the Japanese style of freezing tuna immediately after catch to a temperature of -76° F. Also known as “super-freezing”, the tuna is immediately bled, gutted and graded on board one of the company owned fishing vessels and then frozen to a core temperature of -76°F, only hours after catch. This process locks in the “just-caught” characteristics and, when properly re-freshed, delivers an ultimate tuna eating experience. In fact, the only way to maintain “sashimi” quality is to freeze the tuna to these ultra-low temperatures.  It is very difficult for many independent commercial tuna fisherman to maintain sashimi quality and an eating experience your customers deserve and expect.

Tristan operates sales, marketing, and distribution offices in Dania Beach, Florida and has invested in state-of-the-art processing and storage facilities that provide seamless distribution throughout North America. Tristan also has the ability to customize products for individual client needs. Whether it is loins, steaks, portions, saku blocks or cubes, Tristan is a highly respected and trusted provider and proud to call some of the largest restaurant chains and retail supermarkets their customers.

There is only one way to completely understand the process and the quality of our tuna products. We invite you to order a sample and experience the difference for yourself.