Tristan uses an Ultra Low Temperature freezing process immediately after catch.  The product is maintained at this temperature all the way to our customers kitchens.  Once it reaches the kitchen, we recommend the following steps:

ULT Frozen Tuna

Some restaurants choose to make the investment in an ultra low temperature chest freezer to maintain the integrity of our product.  If this is NOT an option, we recommend that you store Tristan ULT Frozen tuna in the deepest part of the freezer with as little temperature change as possible.  It is recommended that the Tristan ULT Tuna product be defrosted and used within five days of receiving.  Once the product is thawed, do not refreeze.

ULT Fresh Tuna

As with any FRESH tuna, place Tristan ULT Fresh tuna immediately in the refrigerator after receiving.  It is recommended that the product be used within 3-4 days of receiving. Do Not Refreeze.

Defrosting ULT Frozen Tuna

Follow the steps in the PDF

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