Tristan employs a very robust sustainability and fisheries management program to ensure that all the tuna harvested are done so responsibly and with superior quality control. Once on land, the tuna is inspected for quality and it is graded. Our processing facility includes a separate Quality Control department in which fish are tested to ensure that each and every portion that our customers serve their guests is of the highest quality and grade. And most importantly, safe. Tristan’s ULT tuna and ULT Fresh™ tuna is 100% natural tuna-straight from the ocean. We never add preservatives or additives such as CO and tri-polyphosphate.

Tristan is active members of Friends of the Sea and Dolphin Safe programs and is currently seeking MSC certification for line caught tuna in the Eastern Pacific.

Tristan’s products are non-GMO and base this definition on current food-labeling regulations in both the United States and the European Union where we sell non-GMO tuna. We may modify or supplement our definition of non-GMO from time to time in order to conform to any applicable laws or regulatory guidance. Additives and preservatives are never used with Tristan ULT frozen tuna.